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- “You fight like a girl!”

- “Funny, I was going to say the same thing about you.”

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Not enough Ruby Rhod in your graphic. Let me help.


Oh my god

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Welcome back to me on my blog. Yes, I’m shamefully abusing this nice set of gifs to say hi to anyone out there who might be reading this. Mr Collins is back in town, I’m here to reblog about him, about Austen, about costumes and about a heck of a lot more stuff! Hurray!

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Mr Collins

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the two reasons why….


this P + P is better than the other ones…




oh Mr Collins!

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Amnesty International made this campaign to show Russia how many people around the world supports equality. Each signature is marked as a dot on the picture above, and the goal is to fill the entire map of Russia with these dots. 

So go sign it here! You only need to give them your age, gender and location.

i coloured a spot next to a 30 years old men from Norway thiS IS EXCITING

Just got a spot next to an 18 year old boy from Norway!

Also, just a heads up, they include “trans” and “other” as alternate genders to male and female! Was very happy about that, so people who are uncomfortable with male and female as the only options have at least 2 alternate options.  

Please signal boost.

Next to a 40 year old woman from Norway.

…wow norway jesus christ guys

Next to a 15 year old girl from Norway for me.

Next to a 34-year-old woman from Norway. 

Damn man, Norway’s doing some stuff. 

21 year old woman from Germany -my mom
49 year old woman from Norway -me

Next to a 16 year old girl from Canada

Next to a 17 year old girl from the US

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- I’m alone…

- Hi Alone, I’m Mercutio

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Mad Cat and Mad Dog

wanna try something new, and draw Mercutio of course ΦωΦ

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